Employee Turnover Problem

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The issue of employee turnover has to be identified addressed by the management and a possible solution should be found. This could be done by finding out the root cause of the issue. According to researchers, there is a correlation between job satisfaction and employee turnover. There are other factors that lead to higher employee turnover such as poor working conditions, Employees often voluntarily leave a job due to the relationship they have with their direct managers. Generally, if the work relationships are positive and motivating, employees will accept average wages and mundane or even highly stressful work. Without that relationship element, employees will not be engaged in their work. The management employers should maintain weekly…show more content…
They may feel like their talents are not valued and they might become discouraged and quit. The necessary information regarding the job description should be provide as inadequate information about skill requirements that are needed to fill a job may result in the hiring of either under skilled or overqualified workers. The HR department specifies job requirements and hires them and workers should be tested for the appropriate qualifications. A suitable job requirement and job analysis would aid to overcome this problem. Another element that leads to higher employee turnover is poor working conditions. If working conditions are not ideal will be inconvenienced and might seek better job opportunities. People pursue advancement in their career, if the job does not provide opportunity for…show more content…
Inequity in pay structures or low pay are great causes of dissatisfaction and can drive some employees to quit. Again, a new worker may wonder why the person next to him is receiving a higher wage for what is perceived to be the same work. You should have a wage and job evaluation system in place not only so that you are sure to comply with legal requirements, but also to avoid this problem.
The salary or wages can also be an important deciding factor in employee’s decision to stay or leave. The data suggests dissatisfaction with pay can be a key factor in turnovers
In Asters Pvt. Ltd, another variable is the low employee morale or motivation, the mangers should address the issue and to increase the motivation of employees.s These result of poor employee motivation among employees who may be overworked which affects their productivity which can impact the level of productivity of the company.
This research project addresses the causes and affects of employee turnover. s in the poor morale of employees who may be overworked, and can, in turn, affect the level of productivity

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