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With the advent of globalisation English has become an important tool of communication. It is not only required for the study of science and technology but also for the development of trade and commerce. It is only language that has been utilised as medium of communication at various international forums. It is a language which has brought nations closer. Moreover, with the advancements of science and technology and spread of trade and commerce English has become a tool of empowerment for the youth. It helps them in better employment and their mobility. India has in a way an edge over other countries which in the past ignored the study of English language. The national knowledge commission and other educational commissions have underlined…show more content…
He has confined himself to the advertisements of three segments namely; automobile, food and beauty products. However, he has selected randomly a few advertisements from these segments and prepared suitable tasks to teach the vocabulary in context. Advertisements are used here as authentic material to teach communicative competence in general and vocabulary in particular. If taught in context, words become a part of learners’ vocabulary. Instils confidence, offers better grasp, and allows him to use his creativity, opportunity to…show more content…
The idea behind advertisements is to grab the interest of the consumer, provide him information and create in him/her the desire to purchase a particular product and the desire is ultimately turned into a demand. The producers of goods find out strategies to reach the customers in specific way. Normally an advertisement describes the features of the goods, the utility and the functions, the merits and benefits and other details regarding the use and the price. But, the most significant aspect of advertisement is grabbing the interest of the potential customer in order to enable him/her to go for that particular product. This grabbing of attention is done through attractive slogans embodied in fascinating language and with the help of juxtaposing them with the celebrities. The language is sensuous and it appeals to the eyes and other senses and evokes a particular kind of response which makes the buyer to invest some money in a particular product. Over a period of time the use of language has become very creative and interest catching. The advertisers sometimes use the devices of code switching and code mixing to enhance the appeals and to reach out to larger mass of people. Moreover, the advertiser resorts to creating new words that is neologism which strikes the imagination of the reader who is tempted to read the details of the product and decides

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