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a) Based on my experience in 8th grade Junior High School, My English teacher has promoted my motivation in learning English as foreign language. But she just motivate me in the beginning and she doesn’t know the real problem what makes my motivation sometimes down and up when I learn English which is not my first and second language.
b) As far as I know, firstly she build my motivation through learning English as foreign language. After that she maintains my motivation if I decrease it but I think she forgets to keep my motivation when I have high motivation.
c) Her strategy actually appropriate if they apply it to those who has integrative motivation or self reliance to creat or build their own motivation, but to those who doesn’t have self
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First the teacher creat the basic motivational condition and enthusiasm atmospher so the student will be enthusiastic (Dörnyei & Ushioda, 2011). Second, generating student motivation, by promoting learner’s expectation of success in learning English as foreign language and explaining to them what success is involved in the task and how to achieve it, also help them face any obstacles (Dornyei, 2011). Third is maintaining and protecting motivation, teachers can make teaching more interesting through varying their teaching styles, presentations, different materials, and learning tasks. Interesting tasks have been viewed as one of the greatest components (Anderman & Anderman, 2010). In the hand, Learners’ self-esteem and confidence play key roles in maintaining motivation. Learners will not be able to progress if they have any doubts about their abilities (Dornyei & Ushioda, 2011). So if the teacher and student collaborate each other, it will be the right and appropriate way to promote student motivation. For the fourth and fifth, about the appropriate strategy that the teacher used and the student hopes from it. The writer conclude, from the whole answers that the teacher can influence the student in increasing their motivation with the teacher’s way, they just suggest that the teacher have to pay attention on the some factors what makes the student motivation up and down, by knowing it, it will be easy to set the right strategy and

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