Risk Management Case Study: Ernst & Young

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Question 1

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the biggest companies that provides a professional services to organizations as auditing, taxes, financial consulting and advisory services; using powerful and required services and data effectively are the base of competition.

Every organization seek to be the best in the market, and to achieve its goals and objectives that set. As any organization in the market, EY always seek to be the best by sharing an important statement that let all their employees feel the values and the purpose of the company; that famous statement is "Better begins with you"; EY believe that by recognizing the individuals and groups that works will reflect positively on their customers and communities. The main core factor
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EY has overcome this by cyber threat intelligence ( CTI ) process that make the organizations collect all their valuable information after evaluating the risks and threats in their markets, as it can have a huge effect on the association's capacity to expect any change or breaks before they happen, and react fast to fix those breaks happens at time. CTI process become one of the most required processes to be used in a lot of organizations to overcome the cybercrime and hacker of the cyber system of the organization that lead to a change in the whole work area and affect the long-term availability of…show more content…
Therefore, EY considered that keeping their people fulfilled and feel that they have a supportive management that care about them. Maslow's progressive structure from claiming needs will be a standout amongst the hypotheses that EY embrace so it can inspire its employees, the Maslow’s principle Think as of a model that indicates the mankind's needs over a progressive structure. In Maslow's point of view, when all the needs of the human is satisfied, the human will be motivated. the needs hierarchy demonstrates that Each individual begin their needs from physiological needs; that are the fundamental needs that Everybody necessities should survive as sanctuary warmth, food, drink, apparel, etc.. When the individuals necessities' need aid met, the second level will take after, which will be safety; that’s intend that the man may be not debilitating with the thing that is around him, from also feeling unstable or secured, and that's because of attained through retirement bundle, security employment position and protection operator. after this stage, the requirement of having a place and feel love in the work environment; as the employees wants to feel acknowledged from the team they work with. The fourth level may be known as self-esteem, is how much the employee or human is satisfied from himself, and if the human is

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