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Five Top Full Body Workouts
There are different types of workout, and some provide more benefits than others. Full body workouts are among the highly effective exercises anyone can perform. In this piece, we will discuss three full body workouts that provide spectacular results fast.
Swing Squats
To do this exercise, hold a kettlebell or dumbbell by your feet with an outstretched arm, then take a squatting position while keeping your heels planted firmly on the floor, your back straight, and your butt pushed behind you. Then, stand halfway up while swinging the dumbbell up, go back to your previous squat position. Now stand up powerfully while swinging the dumbbell overhead.
At high intensity, this exercise will increase your heart rate tremendously
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And make sure you don’t have the ball bouncing up and slapping you in the face.
These workouts are powerful, yet they don’t require a lot of time to be effective. Try any one of them for a stronger body and burn more calories at the least time possible.

Three Fantastic Workouts for killer abs
Most health conscious people would love to have sexy bodies complete with ripped abs and chunky biceps. But the sacrifice and time required to build the abs puts many people off. However, there are amazing workouts that can give you the abs that you crave.
The abs play an important role in our bodies, as they are essential for stability, protect organs and the spine, and provide strength for lifting heavy weights. The abs are made up of a network of muscle groups known as the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, and obliques. To get those six packs, you need to work the muscles groups that make up the abdominals. Here are three amazing workouts to help you build spectacular abs
Abs Wheel
This exercise is one of the best abs building workout, but it can be difficult for people who have weak backs. However, the results are excellent if you are up for

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