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How exciting you’re an incoming freshman at Langston University! I’m here to tell you about my first year at Langston. I wish I had someone to tell me to share the dos and don’ts of being a first time college freshman and what to expect. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to survive your first year of college. The first week on campus is extremely important. Here at Langston we have a camp for incoming freshman called Lions Week. It might seem lame and a waste of time, but its super beneficial and helpful. Participating is the camp introduces your to you future classmates and friends who you’ll have for a live time. It’s a great way to interact with everyone, to learn about the history of the school, and to ask and tour the campus. Go to all the orientation! The faster you learn your way around the campus the more prepared you’ll be when school starts or when issues arise. I was mentally prepared for one roommate when I came to college, you know like on the movies were you both become best friends and …show more content…

Expect to feel stress and homesickness, but don’t let that stop you. Go out and get involved on campus. College is all about seeking balance. It’s a mixture of social and academic happenings. Being involved is a great way to make friends, learn new skills and feel more connected to your school, but be careful to not go overboard even joining organization or clubs. As your doing all these things make sure you have time for you. The beginning of my college experience was overwhelming for me and sometimes it still is. You get so caught up in the college life you forget to relax and take the stress out of your day or week. You just have to find your outlet whether it’s working out, sleeping, reading or writing. For me personally I pray daily and ask for guidance and understanding. I put myself in the Lord’s hands and trust him hold me up in any given situation presented to me during my college

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