Personal Narrative: My Mentor/Leadership Program

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In my school and community, we have found that there is a large setback with the incoming freshmen and their ability to adapt to the new atmosphere and changes of high school. They either have social problems, home life problems, or high school is just a huge change for them. Six years ago, my school created a program hoping to solve that problem, the mentor/leadership program, which is open to juniors and seniors. I applied, and was accepted into this program my junior year. In the mentor program you meet with a freshmen every week and discuss some of the challenges they are facing while adjusting to high school. You are also able to discuss personal problems during your session as well, like home life or self confidence struggles. When you first enter the program, you go through an eight week training period. The training includes confidentiality, building rapport, how to get a connection, and digging deeper into questions to get to know your freshmen. Throughout the year, your freshmen, or mentee, becomes a lot closer to you, and you build such …show more content…

Although my mentee is different than me in some ways, we have found various ways to connect on other subjects. I have helped my mentee go from making C’s in all of her classes, to now being an honor roll student. We’ve worked each session on study skills, time management and organization. It has been so rewarding seeing her achieve all of her goals she has set for herself at the beginning of the year. Also, aside from grades and school my mentee struggles from a lot of changes that happens in their home. I have built such a strong connection and bond with my mentee that they feel comfortable to open up to me about their problems and how it makes them feel. She now looks at me as a person to confide in, and wants to be a future mentor. I cannot explain how this program has impacted my life, and how it has given me the ability to help fix problems in my

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