Josue Case Study

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Question 3 “What do you feel were your main accomplishments in participating in the Brooklyn Interns for Arts & Culture program?” Mentors were asked to remark on the main accomplishment they received from participating in the program. Mentors stated, “Supporting Josue through his experience at BAM and through his senior year deciding which college to go to -Being a positive role model for Josue in this professional setting, relating to his life experience, and being a confidant for him to share about his family and school life, and his feelings about ending high school and being the first in his family to go away to college. -Exposing Josue to new experiences, taking him to his first art gallery, and sharing my experiences of world travel, specifically in Africa”; “I was able to impart my knowledge about working in an arts institution, working generally, the college application process, and life with an amazing young woman. I was able to reflect on what I do and how it relates to BAM as a whole. I created a strong bond and friendship with my mentee.” Overall, it appeared that the …show more content…

Please explain.” Among the mentors who completed the post program survey, 78% of mentors believed that the time frame of the program was adequate for their current work schedule. Of this 78%, one mentor remarked that even when they were busy during the work season, they were able to find ways to meet with their mentee. The remaining 22% of mentors stated that they missed some dates of mentorship with their mentee that they weren’t able to reschedule due to their mentor needing to fulfill their internship duties. Another mentor stated, “It was helpful to have a co-mentor so that when I knew I couldn 't be as present, I didn 't feel like I was deserting my mentee. That said, when things came up with my mentee that needed attention, I found myself dropping everything to be

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