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“Men rape, women are raped.” What a fallacious statement! We are telling you, not only women are raped by men, men are raped by women too. We, as a group, realised that Malaysians always shy away from topics relating to rape or sex because people still think it as a taboo and should not be discussed publicly but we think it is time to bring this issue under the headlights. What is even bigger of a problem than the mind set of Malaysians is for the fact that our Penal Code is gender-biased in which it only sees women as victims and pin-points men as predators. The main issue that we are bringing forward in our essay is the rape law here in Malaysia should be gender-neutral. In general, the rape law here in Malaysia should be gender-neutral…show more content…
People always make weird faces when we tell them about this issue, they make faces as if saying, “What on Earth are they talking about? Does this kind of things exist? I’ve never read it in the news or anything”. They are indeed half right and half wrong. They are right because yes, here in Malaysia, male rape has never made the headlines and yes, they are wrong because men do get raped by women. The main reason why we have never heard of headlines on this issue is partly because there are no cases reported. Why there are no cases reported? According to Javaid (2014, citing Sleath and Bull, 2010) this is because the male rape victims are scared to face the social prejudice and poor treatment when they report that they have been raped (. We will now discuss two main social prejudices and that are faced by these poor, poor men. The first social prejudice is boys and men can’t be victims (South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence, 2015). The society has been instilled with the masculine gender socialization in their mind sets, where they view men as macho, not vulnerable, strong and etc. So when a man comes forward to say that he was raped, the society will tend to question that he should be strong enough to protect himself. What we want to stress over here is that men can be vulnerable

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