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Do you or someone you know feel extremely tired, depressed, or sleepless when going to school? It seems that you're not the only one because many people around the world suffer this issue due to school start times. “Over 2/3 of teenagers and children do not receive all of their sleep requirements” (Yeager, page 1). Many questions are surrounded around school start times and how much it affects the student. Does school start times affect the students sleep in any way? Does school start times affect performance in school? What are the benefits of optimal school start times? We will cover all these topics in order to have a better understanding of the issue of school start times. School start times interfere with teenagers natural sleep cycle …show more content…

Optimal school start times will lead to more sleep, attentiveness, cognitive thinking, and overall a better mood and a more positive outlook on school. All these improvements that would allegedly happen are the exact opposite results caused by the school start times now. Students who go to school in the afternoon are proven to do better overall compared to someone who starts in the morning. One of the positive outcomes of early school start times is that early start results in early dismissal which gives the students more free time for activities and other things that go on in a student's life. Optimal school start time will lead to less free time for homework, sports, and other related activities which take can take a lot of time for many students. Most things in life run around a schedule and school runs around the schedule of parents, teachers, your boss, and other factors. In other words changing school start times will cause a change in the order of things. If optimal school start times (early afternoon) were to take place it would have a everlasting impact on generations to come and our future. Changing school start times may not seem like a big deal, but if every student in the united states was able to get more sleep and start school at a more critical thinking time than it will have a bigger impact later on by having more suited people for jobs and overall making people the better

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