Negative Effects Of Late Start School

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Late start school has a negative effect on the whole community, not just the students. One way that late start school would affect the whole community is that many bus routes would possibly have to be altered to accommodate the late start schedule. New buses may have to be purchased and new drivers would then have to be hired. Purchasing new buses and hiring new drivers would take away district/grant money that teachers need to purchase school supplies, pay for extracurricular activities and pay for out of class activities. Many parents would also have to go out of their way to take their children to school. Some parents would not be able to transport their children to school at all because of work. This could cause parents to be late for work, especially if their students don’t live on part of the bus …show more content…

Another way that late start school would affect the community is that both teachers and parents would have less free time after-school. This would be bothersome because teachers have to prepare lesson plans and parents often have to help their children with homework. Since teachers would have less after-school time and most businesses aren’t open at 8 o'clock in the morning more teachers would have to take time to off to go to appointments. This would cause substitutes to be called in and would slow down the efficiency of the classroom. Yet another way that late start school would affect the community is the ability of high schoolers to get jobs. Some businesses may not be able to hire as many high schoolers because they don’t get out of school until very late. This would affect how much money high schoolers would be able to make and thus how much money they would have to put towards college. Late start schools can disrupt the efficiency of whole

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