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As the United States faces many changes, every state under its regime is affected. This is why Texas always seems to be facing issue after issue. According to current college students attending different universities in the state of Texas, the problems Texas has recently been facing ranges from: high rates of accidents caused by highway constructions; influx of illegal immigrants crossing over especially here in Brownsville; to the smuggling of drugs into the country since the Gulf of Mexico is so close. However, surprisingly each of these students living in different cities within the state have expressed that the most worrisome current issue Texas has been struggling with is funding the educational system. Furthermore, it is very suspicious that Texas being second in having the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has had many budget cuts throughout the year in education. One of the six university student interviewed questioned, “Texas is one of the most economically successful states; so why are they cutting funds for the educational department?” The educational area deserves more funding since everyone’s future is in the hands of this generation. Future doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, and even the …show more content…

The state’s legislature must come up with a solution to fix this issue that the majority of the citizens are clearly concerned about. Franco Estrada, the first one to be interviewed commented that adjustments in our educational standards are required in order to prepare our students to be twenty-first century workers. After that comment was made, he also acknowledged that although it is hard to change how all of Texas’s schools systems work, change is still possible. In retrospect, education is the children’s future, and it’s important for the people living in Texas to be assured that they will be seeing an improved educational system because one way or another they will be

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