Essay Against Gun Control

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Gun control has been an idea since the 1800s, Gun regulations can be good and bad. History has shown that banning firearms from the populace led to disaster and civil unrest. ¨We the People¨ in the United States are very divided when it comes to dealing with gun control and regulations for gun ownership. Banning guns increase fatalities, decreases personal protection and safety, and prohibits citizens from their constitutional rights. The 2nd amendment of the United States is ¨The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.¨ This statement plainly states that every American has the right to bear arms, and there are no other possible interpretations of this amendment that make any logical understanding. The rights …show more content…

Criminals are people who choose to break the law, Gang violence is responsible for 48% of violent activity in the United States. ¨100% of cities with populations greater than 250,000 report gang activity¨ (Geer 1). 59% of homicides in LA and 53% of homicides in Chicago are caused by gang related violence. These two cities are known for their strict gun control. Advocates of gun control seem to focus more on law abiding citizens and families from owning a firearm, yet never mention the fact that criminals are the ones misusing firearms. Criminals are careless when it comes to breaking the law, but they will care if the victims can fight back. Perhaps guns are banned, will that deter criminals from obtaining them?( Geer 2 ) No it will not hinder them. Criminals will break the law and if they refuse to turn in their firearms they can just as easily sell illegal drugs, and make money to buy firearms illegally through black markets. Why refuse the people 's ability to defend themselves? Banning firearms will worsen gun violence. People generally have little understanding of firearms other than point and shoot. The idea of a gang like MS-13 handing over their guns because the law wants them to is obscene ( Geer 3 ). School shootings are all too common in the United States within the recent thirty years, people have come up with several different reasons for why they have occurred so frequently. The only real way to keep students safe and alive is with a police

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