Essay On Battered Woman Syndrome

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Battered Woman Syndrome While living in the modern-day busy world, men and women experience many problems, challenges and distress that negatively affect their mental and psychological health. However, both genders still have different rates of mental health problems interfering with their daily life and professional activity. Women are more likely to experience mental health issues and psychological problems compared to men, mostly due to domestic violence or intimate partner abuse becoming common social concerns in modern society. Majority of the time a female is the victim and males are the abusers. This fact leads to the higher prevalence of mental health problems in women. It prevents them from normal, productive lives and activity in the community. Some of the most common diagnosis include PTSD, depression, anxiety, and Battered Woman Syndrome. Society today needs look at the nature of Battered Woman Syndrome, which not only should be looked at as a form of self-defense but also as a …show more content…

Such women may see themselves damaged and ugly, and as a result, unable to promote social interaction effectively or build productive relationships. Dissociative states and multiple personalities may also arise in this connection, as women may try disconnecting themselves from the present-time reality where they felt much pain, intimidation and violence. Body image issues may further on result in eating disorders which are often caused by psychological problems. In addition, women may be also diagnosed with PTSD, as the prevalence of PTSD among battered and domestically violated women is rather high ranging from 40 to 80%. Thus, Battered Woman Syndrome is a psychological disorder bringing many problems and behavioral changes to women unable to cope with this illness without professional medical

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