Benefits Of Social Media Essay

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Benefit of Social Media

Of the population in the United States, about 90% of Americans using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram etc... Out of 90% of users, most of the users are young people. If I ask myself can I live without social media? Or can I close my Facebook account? and I will have say no. Why? I have created this Facebook account 7 years ago, I'm still using it and I cannot live without it and would never close it. Many people argue that using social media harms users or cause more social anxiety. However, to me social media benefits users because it helps build close relationships between users, helps lonely children to stay away from isolates, and it is fast and effective to communicating with people.
Social media benefit users to build close relationships with others or people around the world with self-confidence. Back in the day, there is no networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. The teach make it easier for the new generation to communicating. Using social …show more content…

Social media such as Facebook encourage people to reveal where they are from, hobbies, favorites TV shows etc... it's the faster way to know more about your friends in Facebook. "...Facebook has saved me from having to remember the date of friend's birthdays..."(Meltzer 4). Some people, they don’t remember their friends or relatives' birthdays. They are too busy to remember, and they have lot others to do than remembering another people birthday. However, social media won't let that go away easy. When it comes to the date, social media let you know so you don’t have to be stress about it. Also, you can contact your friends from far away, you seem their post for daily, so you know what's up with their life. This makes it easy way to remember important dates of your friends and yourself as well. Farter more, you get to write something to your friends post even though you weren't there with

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