Neil Postman's Theory Of Media Ecology

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What is Media Ecology? According to Neil Postman, 1970, said that Media ecology looks into the matter of how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival. Media ecology is the study of media as environments. How we are media controlled by media and that the actions we made is affected by how the media is towards us. It speaks of how media shapes and alters our society and how it alters our social structures. Postman said that it structures what we can see and say and, therefore, do. The media has the power to make us believe whatever their message is. It's only a matter of persuasion, clever lines and a few tactics to…show more content…
McLuhan, 1964, quoted "Hot media are low in audience participation due to their high resolution or definition. Cool media are high in audience participation due to their low definition (the receiver must fill in the missing information)." In the media environment, may they be hot or cold, affects our decision and life choices. It may generally be harmful as it can manipulate us into doing something stupid and wrong. As what McLuhan said, the medium is the message. So, however way the message is supposedly to be told, the medium are still the ones which influences how the message is perceived. McLuhan, 1911 said that "Technological determinism: the belief that technological development determines the social and culture change." Social media, similar to the term, is basically a way of socializing. May possibly that be interacting with others, expressing and sharing your feelings towards the world or stalking other people, social media, via the internet, is making all these things easier as it is just a touch away. This way, people are now becoming much more transparent; expressing their feelings, doubts, fear and so on. We all know that Facebook and Twitter was the biggest and using social media networks nowadays, So. How facebook and twitter was changes our…show more content…
Other than that, the positive of it is that people can easily connect with one another. We can easily talk via internet, video-conferencing and share files and works. This benefits us by how we can now easily send texts without having to end letters, share files without the need of confrontation and so on. In that way, Media Ecology has it's positive and negative side. But all in all, it does change our life. In case of social media, we benefit from having easier access to information, the many updates on social news and the ability to intercommunicate with people. It also helped us to be more vivid so that we can express our feelings and thoughts without having them questioned. Privacy wise, it has affected us by making us feel that "snooping and stalking into other people's life" is alright. Our morale on respecting other people's privacy became unimportant as their "life" are now

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