Importance Of Communication Technology

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Communications Technology Introduction In this essay I am going to discuss the current and relevant issues of many communication technologies and their uses also the different types of communications technologies that are used in everyday life. Their advantages and disadvantages along the lines of how they affect our personal and professional lives. I will also touch on the health and safety communications legislation and its roll in modern life. Current and relevant issues in Communication and Information Technology In the modern age and current boom of communication technologies as they are playing a bigger role in our daily lives than they ever have. Current issues facing communications technologies are lack of privacy and transparency in the privacy settings of these technologies. Advantages of Communication Technologies Communications technologies have many positives in how they help us in our everyday lives. The technologies I will use as examples to name only a few are Skype, Facebook and Twitter. These technologies allow us to communication with friends and family from all over the world with messages, voice calls and video chats instantly via internet access, these technologies have moved from websites and computer programs to mobile applications which allow us even more ways to connect and share our lives .Twitter and Facebook allow us to also share our lives indirectly with photos and statuses sharing the recent memories we create and also serves as a place
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