Personal Essay: Ripple Effects Of Life

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Ripple Effects of Life

In the world today, a person lifestyle whether personal or business may be affected by worldly events, people, or changes either up or down with an aptitude as to what direction the journey make take you. On the other hand, there the journey may align with disappointment, stress, or emotional pain causing a person to overload and take actions with suicidal ideations, exiting from life, substance abuse, or even death to take away the pain. Point taken, most people are overworked, stressed, underpaid or lacking quality the time outside of their work profession, either with self or, family, or friends. Furthermore, the body shuts down causing a ripple effect on the mind and body unable to take on any more emotional stress because of the actions of self or others. Burnout & Exhaustion Effect Burnout is a debilitating psychological condition carried out by a depletion energy, resilience to illness, inefficiency at work, insecurities, or absorbing the emotional context of others people problems. In comparison, burnout mimics chronic exhaustion and negative attitudes toward work, self, and …show more content…

Rather, in a professional or personal setting burnout is either a positive or negative change of events. Indications of burnout occur in the workforce or within a family system because an individual takes on more than one can handle, thinking of others instead of self or lack of support in the work or home environment or lacking team collaboration on projects or assisting others. “The quality of care and patient safety is at risk due to the counselor being burnout or exhausted from the client’s needs, which cannot be ignored and still demands attention from someone in a professional manner” (Bridgeman, Bridgeman, & Barone, 2018, p.

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