Essay On Cats And Dogs

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Cat vs. Dog
Deciding on a pet can be difficult. People buy pets for a variety of difference reasons. To have cause your lonely, to have for

protection, to have for services, or just companionship. There are two common household animals found as pets you a cat or a dog.

Pets bring an unique bond to their owners life. Both dogs and cats have there pros and cons. Obviously cats and dogs aren’t the

same. It’s all about what they can bring to the relationship. I, myself would chose a dog over a cat any day. Dogs are better than cats

are they show many more characteristics than a cat does.

Owning a pet is not only rewarding for you but for them as well. One of the main characteristics of a dog that puts them above a cat

is they are literally “a man’s best friend.” I have two
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Dogs are very intelligent. They detect bombs and illegal drugs. We even have dogs at our airports.

Dogs are here for emotional support. According to the United Sates Dog Registry, “Emotional support dogs are dogs that provide

comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship for an individual suffering from various mental and emotional

conditions.” Emotional Support dog can assist with, anxiety, depression, bipolar, mood disorder, panic attacks and more. Dogs can

also be used as service dogs. United States Service Dog states that, “If you have a disability (a physical or mental impairment that

substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual) then you are entitled to a service dog to do work or perform

tasks for you.” Service dogs can assist with hearing impairment, seizures, PTSD, visual impairment and more. Dogs have more

value to us humans than a cat does.

All pets require attention, play time and vet appointments. When you are choosing a dog or a cat think about what you

want out of your pet? Dogs have proven to be more helpful and valuable than a cat. So out of the two common household animals

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