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Here is my report, regarding your intention to acquire Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Pronounced chi-POAT-lay, this rising company opened its first store in 1993, with one simple idea: Show the American consumer that food served fast didn't have to be a "fast-food" experience. What makes this company different is the fact that, they team and work with farmers around the USA, they always use high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking methods and a distinctive interior design, and have friendly people to take care of each customer—features that are more frequently found in the world of fine dining ( At the time they opened, there was not a business or company that was delivering the type of service they are in. Their unique and original fast food experience made them different and the best. It has been 20 years since they first began and their hard work paid off since, more than 1,500 restaurants were born. They compete in a category of dining now called "fast-casual," which is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry ( Fast casual is where customers expect food quality that's more in line with full-service restaurants, coupled with the speed and …show more content…

But how many of them are actually dedicated to provide their customers with good, fresh and well cook food? Created in 1993, Chipotle is dedicated and committed to serve fresh food and they are in the “Business of Good Food. For 20 years now, their devotion to finding the very best ingredients with respect for animals, farmers, and the environment is shown through their Food. At Chipotle, food is serve with Integrity and commitment. Their dedication to creating an exceptional experience for their customers is the natural result of cultivating a culture of genuine, rewarding opportunities for their employees. Acquiring this company will means valuating good food, animals, the environment and the people who love the

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