A Coffee History Essay

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Coffee is consumed all over the planet and dates back thousands of years. Therefore, there are several styles and kinds of coffee out there, and many drinks have evolved differently in modern times, with new and complex machines and techniques, different agricultural developments, and the varying taste that humans have for this drink. Coffee is a representation of our ever changing societal upgrowth, and encompasses history from all over the world into one cup. The average, basic style of coffee that you find at home or in an office is the “drip.” This is composed of nothing more than steaming hot water that filters through the ground up coffee beans, dripping it into a cup, hence the name “drip.” Then, we have the espresso, which is actually quite similar to the drip. It is done in the same process, but with darker roasted beans, and a grind that is much finer. The machine pressurizes the water through the filter of ground coffee beans, creating a more strong and flavorful cup of coffee. According to Edna from Home Kitchenary, “to make the perfect shot of espresso, timing is essential. An espresso shot is made using around 18 grams of coffee and passing hot water through it within a span of 25 to 30 seconds.” Some may add creamer and sugar to their …show more content…

Interestly, a cappuccino is simply an espresso with added steamed milk and a mountain of foam. A latte is composed of mostly steamed milk and only a shot of espresso, with only a little foam. Cappuccinos typically have a higher caffeine content, but aren’t as voluminous as the latte. A latte is for those people out there who enjoy creamier coffee that isn’t too strong. There is often flavoring added such as: hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, etc. This aids in creating a more luscious drink, with added flavor and sugar (Edna). When one orders a latte they expect that their drink went through a long, complicated process when that really isn’t the

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