Essay On Ethics In Education

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Ethics according to my understanding is that division of philosophy which concerns with the moral principles that guide us in terms of our behaviour and way of doing things. Ethics simply helps a person in distinguishing between the right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, acceptable and unacceptable. It incorporates the ethical standards or the code of ethics guiding a person into the right path by instilling discipline and other virtues in our life’s daily activities. As professional teachers we endowed with dignity and reputation with high code of conduct while practicing the noble teaching profession which also requires us to follow set of ethical and moral principles, standards and values.
Ethics in education concerns with the study of ethical standards or basic principles related rooted in the education system. It enables teachers, students and other stakeholders to maintain and promote quality education as portrayed by the …show more content…

Ethics in education are crucial as it sets the standards of what is acceptable and what is not. It has been given a lot of significance over the years and this is why it has been included in the subject courses for students to understand ethics. In education, ethics is applicable on both teachers as well as students. While as teachers it is our duty to make students aware about these ethics in our virtues or moral education classes, at the same time, the school administrators with ministry of education ensures that we as teachers familiarise with ethics which are relevant to our profession. As ethical teachers, we play a very vital role in students’ life, by not just imparting knowledge but also helping in the development of a student’s personality. Ethics in education applies to us teachers which demands us to show patience to every student despite their different learning

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