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Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and mutual sharing and other aspects of culture. Trend is towards greater independence among national institution and economies. It is connecting a whole world as a one family. There is a huge bond within company, government, and different nations as the result of globalization. And also there is a perversion in many industries such as transportation, Food, Automobile, Tourism etc. Once, Mr. J.R jayawardana introducing the open economy, it will established the concept of the Globalization in Sri Lanka. Because of the globalization it will affected in cultural, economic, technical and life styles of many people in Sri Lanka. As the Country Sri Lanka is engaging many foreign trade activities which can be affected direct influences as well as indirect influence.
How to effect globalization for food industry?
Positive impact
 Engagement in mass production in food items.
 Opportunity to use technology for the increment of efficiency and effectiveness of the food industry.
 Opportunity to absorb foreign investments and to use them to the development of the food industry.
 Increase of new job opportunities in the economy related to food industry.
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Sri Lankan people consumed 3 meals per day. These 3 meals were well balanced and healthy. The breakfast, lunch, and diner consist with nutrition food and was easily digested. At that time most of the women were housewife. Lunch consist with heavy foods. Rice and curry is the main food. At that time Sri Lankan people used banana leaf and lotus leaf to serve the foods. Sri Lankan food culture takes closely linked with tradition and culture. They prepared milk rice and sweat meats for new Year festival. And also pay days they don’t make meat, eggs, and fish. Sri Lanka is the country which is well known hospitality

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