Essay On Heredity And Environment

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It is a well known fact that every individual in the society differs from one another in umpty number of ways.Even members of the family who are born and brought up in the same home exhibits similarities as well as differences.They react in a different manner to a similar situation.One might be care free,social,adaptable,stubborn other can be demanding,moody,outspoken.This similarities and differences are based on nature and nurture of heredity and environment.In terms of heredity and environment,former and later states biological basis and socialization. In our day-to-day life, we see most of the people link others behavior in terms of either heredity or environment.For example if a boy possess better teaching skill in his childhood , his mother associate the behavior of her son to his father who is a teacher.The children’s misbehavior is always attributed to his association with bad companions.Actually both
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The biological pattern is made up of elements that come from both parents and transmitted directly from them to their off spring(General psychology with value development’ 2006 ). we cannot say that Genes act as an exact blueprint that determine our personality and behavior.Human being’s certain characteristics are biologically determined and is influenced by genetic factor.Heredity plays a great role in influencing some of the physical and psychological characteristics and several disorders which is transmitted from parents or ancestors to
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