Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Human Experimentation The looming concern of human experimentation was enough to deter some individuals from seeking the medical care that they needed for their well-being. The thought that trusted medical professionals had the power to perform unethical experiments on them while they were in their care was enough to let them live with whatever ailment that they had. By not seeking out the care that they desperately needed in some cases only lead to further problems. Several doctors abused their patients' trust for their own curiosities. Those curiosity-driven procedures led to many medical discoveries, cures, and medications. However, what was best for the patient, or volunteer, was cast aside. During the 20th century, the fear of this happening …show more content…

With lines being crossed in animal experimentation, many feared that human experimentation might be the next step. The evidence to back the claim lies within the animal experimentation field. Animals suffered when officials performed experiments on them. Susan E. Lederer writes, "Antivivisectionists warned repeatedly that the failure of enact legislative safeguards for animal subjects would inevitably lead to human experimentation" (Lederer 45). The lack of regulations among animals made people wonder if the same could be done to them. Already within the medical practice, human experimentation on patients was a way for doctors to do cheap research to better the community or to make discoveries to make themselves famous. As was true for Henrietta Lacks, doctors did not always seek patient consent for the procedures that the medical facility was performing on them. During one of her procedures, a nurse took an additional cell sample from her cervix that was not needed to be removed (Skloot 33). Due to this disrespect of the person's being, the procedures often got taken too far, mentally and physically. Body parts were removed, side effects were not explained, and lives were lost. Government institutions needed to get involved to help control the problem, if not, then the issue of human experimentation was only going to get

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