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What is Microflora?
Bacterial flora that encompasses of a wide variety of microbes in a community that lives in the body and maintains an ecological relationship with the host. Between them, there is a mutual relationship and both the host and the microbe benefit from it. (1, 2). In humans, there is a large is a large eco-system of microbes and they have a tremendous influence on the human body, as research would attest. According to research, they have been linked to many conditions like obesity, diabetes and even diseases like cancer (1). In 2008, the human Microbiome project was introduced which designed studies to help understand the direct implications of the micro flora in the human body. They believed that the micro flora also played a significant role in disorders like multiple sclerosis (4). Moreover, the micro flora have been shown to be beneficial for the human body as well and believed to have positive effects on the health of a being.(5).
Microorganisms in the human body
Microorganisms inhabit diverse location such as skin, upper respiratory tract, oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract. Human gut provides niche to tremendously large amounts of microorganisms, numbering to about 100 trillion bacteria cells &
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He discovered notable differences in microbes between these two habitats. He further also compared samples from healthy & diseased individuals in both of these sites and thus started a pioneering work in understanding the location and health specific diversity of microbiota in the human gastrointestinal tract.3 The term ‘human Microbiome” was coined by Joshua Lederberg in 2001 to denote the genetic pool of all the gut microbiota and ever since there has been a quest amongst scientists to understand what microbiome could in fact be referred to as

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