Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To Nepal

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Many years back I took India to Nepal road trip… in 2009. This was the first time I stepped out of the Indian territory to see how the world looks outside of India. Even today, after almost 8 years of that road trip I get goosebumps whenever I see the pictures of the epic journey. I did this trip on a motorcycle which I rode on many road trips in the Indian Himalayas. The 150cc Bajaj Pulsar had been a good companion on all those journeys. Reason for choosing Nepal for a bike trip from India Indians enjoy a free & unrestricted movement in Nepal. That means Indian citizens can enter without a passport or visa and go anywhere in Nepal and stay for an unlimited number of days. Similarly, Nepali citizens also enjoy the same benefits in India. This is the reason people of Nepali origin can be found almost everywhere in India. Also, there are many people of India origin based in Nepal since ages. The royal Shah dynasty of Nepal is believed to have its roots in Rajasthan, India. Of course, history had nothing to do with my road trip. The only reason for choosing Nepal for this road trip was free entry. Although vehicles registered in India do not enjoy the ‘free movement’ status.…show more content…
This is known as Mahendra Rajmarg. ‘Rajmarg’ means the National Highway. This is the longest and the most crucial highway for Nepal connecting it from East to West. That is why it is also called East-West Highway. It is longer than 1,000 kilometres. This highway was built by the Indian road building authorities like CPWD & PWD. The maximum part of my ride was on this highway. I can say this was one of the best highways I have travelled till now. Somewhat like NH8 or highway connecting Jaipur-Bikaner or Bikaner–Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. With little traffic and arrow straight road, I was able to cruise at 80kmph very easily most of the time. Almost 90% of this highway is in the Terai region of Nepal, i.e. the foothills of

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