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Mostly everyone chooses their career when they are in high school. It is a very important decision that can affect one’s life. One might want to take on a career that affect people's lives, such as a nurse, doctor, and more. Although a nurse anesthetist career requires good education and skilled workers, it is a challenging career because of the skills and qualities a person needs, but the salary, benefits, and the experience are wonderful rewards. A nurse anesthetists is fairly new career with great potential and with an abundance of responsibilities and unusual work hours (depending on work place). There are highly important responsibilities one has when working in this career, for example, give patience medicines and treatments ( There are many more responsibilities to this career it's not an easy career. The hours depend where one works at, a physician's office, school, or hospital. One can work office hours or around the clock hours, one might work on holidays as well ( If one has a family it would better if one works office hours, if one …show more content…

First one needs a high school diploma of course, then one needs a bachelor of science in nursing or a similar degree. Then, one needs to obtain a license as a registered nurse, and about one year or more experience as an register nurse (RN) in an acute caring setting. Then last but not least, get into a nurse accredited nurse anesthesia program, then graduate ( Yes it’s a great deal of work, but rewards at the end are tremendous . Programs that will help are AANA, APSF, and many more ( These programs will help you get scholarship if you join and do a certain requirement in order to the scholarship, if not it would look good on one’s resume ( Most the programs aren’t difficult, some of them can be competitive in order to get a

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