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What They Do

Nurse anesthetists belong to a wide range of advanced practice nursing in multiple medical settings and perform a variety of medical tasks to help the patient. Nurse anesthetists belong in the group that includes nurse midwives and nurse practitioners, while each of their duties are unique, becoming a nurse anesthetist is what I am the most interested in. Nurse anesthetists provide anesthesia before, during, and after various procedures whether they’re surgical, therapeutic, or diagnostic or even obstetrical procedures; during emergency procedures nurse anesthetists provide pain relief and pain management by the use of medications. However, it is extremely important to assess the patient and their medical history to become aware of any illnesses, allergies, or previous administered medications so the judgement call can be made for the medication to be administered safely and successfully. Nurse anesthetists remain with the patients during the procedure to monitor the anesthesia state of the patient during and after the procedure.

How to Become One
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In order to get a master degree in college, the focused classes are anatomy and physiology and pharmacology and other coursework specific to the APRN role. APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) must have a registered nursing license, complete an accredited program, and pass a national certification exam. Other important qualities to have in becoming a nurse anesthetist is communication skills, critical thinking skills, detail oriented, compassion, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and overall resourcefulness. While being an APRN, you have the opportunity to take on administrative roles, conduct research with a doctoral

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