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Location After doing some research I’ve learned, according to BLS, California is one of the best places for Physical Therapist, the compensation is one of the highest in the nation, and the number of Physical Therapists employed is #1, meaning they are well needed and kept there. And since this is my dream Job, and living in California has always been a dream of mine, you know the move is a definite go. After moving to California, and passing the CLE (California Law Examination), a test much like the NPTE, but only refers to the practice of Physical Therapy in California, I am now licensed in the beautiful state of California, and capable of putting my dreams into reality. Physical Therapy is an open field here… and pretty much everywhere …show more content…

With anything that he doesn’t see up to par, he corrects me on and shows me how they would like it to be done here. This stage will be considered training. Due to my ability to listen, comprehend and learn quickly, I am able to quickly get with the program, and be right on board. Working towards being comfortable and acquainted in my career. During my 1st 3 months, the job is near what I expected, but of course, I was not able to completely comprehend the depth of the job. During the startup weeks, I’ve probably found myself losing hope in patients as I watched them fail time and time again, and I’ve probably had times where I have doubted myself and my choice of how I chose to rehabilitate them. But I know that I’ve also learned to gain a different perspective when I see hope faltering and to make sure that I maintain hope in them so that they can maintain hope in themselves. And I’ve learned to be more versatile, an important trait in the business, and be willing to change my initial plan and be creative when making new ones to fit patient's individual

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