Essay On The Qualities Of An Effective Leader

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What are the qualities of an effective leader? As well as providing direction, inspiration, and empowerment, effective leaders evince courage, passion, confidence, dedication, and aspiration. They stimulate the strengths and talents of their followers and build teams committed to attain common goals. Being insightful can help a leader be more effective in communication to know the needs of their team. The most effective leaders have goals in common with their followers.
An effective leader must have excellent communication with others. For example, a leader needs to speak and write in a way to persuade others that they should follow along and get on board. In any team, knowledge is power, and a leader would use communication to spread that knowledge to their followers. Dale Roach states, “A good communicator aims to make sure that their message is understood.” Dale Roach also implies that “An effective leader listens more than they talk.” A leader obtains the skill of communication by listening to their followers. They would achieve a level of connection with others, and also provide ample channels for two-way communication between the leader and the follower. This includes of sharing information, asking questions, soliciting input and new ideas, and being clear about what he/she wants. A leader would also solicit the follower’s ideas for refinement and reward the followers. Another example, a leader would communicate clear goals for their team, and will give them the authority on how the work it will be done. An effective leader must be a communicator because if
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A good communicator shares information, asks questions, and listens to its followers in what they need. A inspirational leader works toward their goals with persistence and passion a to inspire and encourage others to do the same. These traits do not represent Napoleon because he manipulates and
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