Essay On Relationship Between Parent And Children

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- Debbie May B. Bonaobra
- Mark Camacho
Family is the smallest unit in society and primarily consist parents and children. However, not all family are complete and perfect. They also have flaws that made them individually imperfect. Also, not all of them are happy because each of them have individual personalities that makes them unique. People say that a person’s character is mainly molded and started in his or her family because before children view the world that they will live in, they first saw and felt the love of their parents.
As time goes by, relationships develop in different ways and the main cause of strong relationship is through
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However, some are solved because there is balance in the relationship even though there are contradictions because communication still exists making both person realize their necessities. Baxter and Montgomery thought that openness and closeness occurs in a parent-child relationship but an individual still desires privacy. A parent and a child can open their personal issues in life but both person still keep his or her own secrets that are too private to reveal. Also, Certainty and uncertainty is an essential factor that strengthens the relationship because parents and children can be more comfortable, furthermore, Baxter and Montgomery said that too much certainty can make the relationship boring. In a relationship, some says that mysteries are more challenging and too much certainty will somehow remove the excitement in the relationship. Children nowadays are afraid of disclosing with their families but a role of a parent is to guide them and correct them when they’re taking the wrong direction. In connectedness and separateness, it can make a person more whole, however Baxter and Montgomery believes that too much connection can affect the other because of the loss of individuality. A parent-child relationship is normal if they’re too connected but there are times that a person needs to be alone because it’s always the self who will make decisions in

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