Essay On Rights Of Refugees

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Rights of Refugees
India continues in receiving refugees in spite of its overpopulation where millions of people are below poverty line and are debarred from basic amenities. However there are few rights given to them but there is no uniform legal framework to protect refugee.1951 Convention Relating to The Status of Refugee followed by 1967 protocol on Refugees, UNHRC, Cartagena Declaration on Refugees are the main authority on the refugee law.
The word Refugee has been defined in 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. According to the Convention a ‘refugee’ is a person who flees across an international border because of well-founded fear of being persecuted in his country of origin for the reasons of race, religion,
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However, while refugees and IDPs may flee for similar reasons (for example, armed conflict or persecution), their legal status is very different. Unlike refugees, IDPs remain within the borders of their home countries and are legally under the protection of their own government, even in cases where the government’s actions are the cause of their flight. A person cannot be recognised as a refugee unless they are outside their home country.
b) Refugees and migrants
There is a slight difference between a migrant and refugees often these terms are correlated or miss interpreted. Where the two words that make the two terminologies different are –
• leaving with own

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