Robotic Technology In Medicine

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In the modern world the role of robotic technology in medicine has increased as an outcome of technological improvements. Robotic technology, especially robot systems used in surgery, has brought about radical changes in medicine which help to save many patients’ life. Robotic systems use minimally invasive surgery which outcomes less postoperative pain and quicker recovery compared with traditional open procedures (Beasley 2012). All the same, complicacy of surgical tasks went up as surgeons’ manipulation of operation, in comparison with open surgery, become impaired. One of prevalent robotic technology today - the da Vinci robotic system helped to manage with over 80% of operations of radical prostatectomies in the U.S. in 2008 (ibid.).…show more content…
Different from open surgery which performs operations with large incisions, operation with da Vinci system requires small incisions; consequently, surgery with da Vinci system has less blood loss. In operation of laparoscopic prostatectomy (surgical removal of prostate gland using a thin endoscope inserted through a small incision in the abdominal wall) blood loss will be reduced with the da Vinci system. Analysis of blood loss in laparoscopic prostatectomy surgery has shown that estimated blood loss in operations assisted by the da Vinci was 230 ml and 311 ml in radical open operation (Close et al. 2013 quoted in Hakimi et al. 2010, 363). In addition, in surgery of removing kidney the mean appraised blood loss was smaller in operation with da Vinci than standard way of operation: 115 ml versus 198 ml (Deane et al. 2008). Furthermore, from comparing da Vinci system surgery and open surgery in laparoscopic removal of the bladder, it was found that operations with da Vinci system demonstrated significantly smaller mean estimated blood loss with 460 ml of total blood loss versus 1172 ml (Casey et al. 2010). By analysing amount of blood loss in various operations, it can be safely concluded that the da Vinci system has well affection on reducing the mean blood loss in…show more content…
However, in some cases operating time of da Vinci system was longer than open operations, and rehabilational time was same as open surgery. Furthermore, using the da Vinci system makes cost of operation higher than traditional surgery, and the da Vinci system has mechanical failure which can be reason for complications with operation and can unfavorably influence patients’ health. Therefore, nowadays impact of the da Vinci system on medicine is neutral as it has both negative and positive

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