Essay On Servant Leadership

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I believe a servant leader I someone who is passionate about what they are leading and leads with confidence in what ever they lead. A difference between a normal leader and a servant Leader is a servant Leader is selfless and reproofable. Being humble and reproofable is an important part in being able to serve and Luke 22:27 shows a great example of that. “Who is greater, the one who is eating at the table, or the one who is caring for him? Is it not the one who is eating at the table? But I am here with you as One Who cares for you.” The way a Servant Leader is defined by in the dictionary is this. “Servant leadership stresses the importance of the role a leader plays as the steward of the resources of a business or other organization, and…show more content…
He says to not worry about to tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. As a present servant leader, you lead in the moment and serve in any and every opportunity you can because we are called to never be anxious or worried. My personality to accompany my three strengths is the Entertainer. As an Entertainer, it is easy to get caught up in the fun, but it is also easy to make the goal in what you 're leading and serving more fun. It is easy to get a crowd together and give just the enticing information about serving to make it better and it is easy to motivate. A happy, determined, competitive, relating entertainer can be some great characteristics to be a servant leader, but it can also have its downsides. Occasionally, entertainers, like myself, can be a bit too much and be overly determined and exciting and competitive and get distracted by the real reason that they are serving in the first place, to honor and bring glory to Christ. As humans, we can tend to want to receive all the glory and all the attention in the fact that we are leading when really the goal as a servant leader is to point others to Christ by serving and
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