Soda Should Be Banned Essay

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As stated in “Ban the Ban!” “ People might think it is not important because it is just soda but it is so much more than that-- it is freedom and the freedom to make your own decisions about what you do and what you put into your bodies”- SidneyAnne Stone. This illustrates that we as the people should be responsible for our own actions. The soda ban will take away some our our freedom and that is not right because we are known as a free country. Although some people may think the soda ban is a good idea, it is a bad idea to limit the amount of soda a person can purchase because the ban was not fairly put into law, it can open the door to other types of laws that might limit choices, and it limits peoples options. The soda ban is a bad idea because it was not fairly put into law. According to Karin Klein in the opinion piece “ Soda a problem but…” states “...New York Michael R. Bloomberg may be laudable, but is wrong for one man, even an elected official and even a well-meaning one at that, to dictate to people how big a cup of surgery soda they’re allowed.” (Klein pg. 288). This shows that the soda ban is wrong because one person should not be allowed to make a decision on his own. The soda ban should be voted on because that everyone will agree with it. The opinion piece by SidneyAnne Stone “Ban the Ban” illustrates, “ The people of …show more content…

This is not accurate because it is not one product that is causing these health problems such as diabetes and obesity. Getting rid of just soda will not take away health issues. The soda ban is a bad idea because it limits people's opinions. ¨Ban the Ban!¨ the opinion piece by SidneyAnne Stone quotes, ¨When you take away my option to order a soda a certain size, you have now removed my opinions.¨(Stone pg. 288). This represents that the soda ban will limit people's choices and their opinions. I would not be right to take away people's

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