Essay On Typologies Of Tourism

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We have all kinds of different tourists. Some tourists like adventure and some tourists like laying around all day. These are types of tourists. Every country has different types of tourists coming to their country and right now I will determine what type of tourists are coming to Vatnajökull. Before we can identify the types of tourists, we need to know what typologies there are and which ones will match with the destination. There are four typologies. First we have the organised mass tourist, this tourist will only go on a package trip and will not even change it a little bit, they will stay in their comfort zone (Cooper, 1993). The destinations they will probably go to are luxury resorts or a safari and everything is planned into the details. Then we have the individual mass tourist, this tourist is almost the same as the first one, but this tourist will be more flexible and will change the package because they have a personal choice (Cooper, 1993). This type of tourist may go to a bungalow park or camping, this are planned in advance but once they get there they want to do their own thing. Third we have the explorer, this tourist will organise their trip alone and will go out of his/her comfort zone, but will also go back in it when things get rough (Cooper, 1993). The destination they will…show more content…
The drifter, the explorer, the individual mass tourist and the organised mass tourist. The two that fit best in Vatnajökull National Park are the individual mass tourist and the explorer because they like the adventure and they can choose for themselves what they would like to do. The types of tourists that fit best in an area like Vatnajökull National Park are the tourist who like the nature and adventure. The foreign visitors to Iceland increases every year and that also means that the visitors to Vatnajökull increases. You can also see this in the table, most of the years the number of foreign visitors
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