Essay On Why Are You Interested In Participating In The Rising Phoenix Program

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1. Why are you interested in participating in the Rising Phoenix Early College High School Program?

I am interested in the rising phoenix program because it would benefit me a lot not only in high school but also in the future. I love challenges and especially in math and science. I have been trying and will continue to try and take the most college classes I can while I am in high school. So far, I have taken advanced placement world history and am currently in American history 205 through my school's CCIHS program. I think RIsing Phoenix would help me with this because I would have the opportunity to finish high school with 60 college credits. In the future I would like to go into some type of career related to biology; I think that it …show more content…

Describe a time when you overcame a serious challenge. Explain the details of the situation and how you handled things and worked through things.

A serious challenge I have faced is growing up with my grandparents. While most people say that I’m so lucky for it there is a lot they don’t know. I think one of the biggest challenges in it is the age gap, while most parents are about 30 years older than their children mine are 60. This posed a serious challenge at times because when I needed help with homework it was really hard for them to help me. After all, one they don’t remember everything from high school algebra, and two it changed a lot from when they learned it. One example of this I remember very clearly was when we first started multiplication in 4th grade, we were using a method with a rectangle and they had never learned it that way. And when I didn’t get it and asked for help they had no idea why there were a bunch of rectangles all over my homework and when I said that's how I learned it they got even more confused. This continues to this day but I learned how to fight it, …show more content…

I also learned that my friends could be an excellent resources if they were in the same class as me. Another challenge this brought was being around people so much older than me a lot of the time. For example, all of my parent's friends were around their age so I would be surrounded by older adults a lot when I was younger. This posed a challenge since I was just always around people older than me, and that rubbed off on me. I feel that this caused me to be more mature from a younger age, which has its pros and cons. Because of this, I could always get along with my teachers, but it made it harder to make friends my age. When I was younger this was the most tragic thing for me, but now that I’m older I appreciate it. While at times I would just love to feel like a fifteen-year-old girl I feel I am more responsible and school is a lot easier if you get along well with your teachers. It also makes me feel like I look to my future a lot and try to make set plans like future

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