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Stress is an unavoidable fact of organisational life today (Greenberg, 2011). In fact, workplace stress is one of the central causes of stress in people’s lives (Greenberg, 2011). Stressors, which are perceived as threatening demands from the environment, cause stress. Call centre environments elicit many stressors which have several adverse impacts on employees (Holman, 2002). To begin with, the leading stressors mentioned in the case-study were long working hours, work timing, insufficient time off, travel time and repetitive work. These stressors have a negative impact on employees and organisations. Long work hours, overtime work and night-shifts are common in call centres (Holman, 2002). They trigger fatigue leading to disruption of sleep…show more content…
When individuals have children, their priorities change. Parents, especially women, are expected to attend the needs of their home (Scandura & Lankau, 1997). This causes pressure on them to juggle work and domestic life. These pressures lead to role conflicts, broken relationships, lack of motivation and voluntary turnover. Furthermore, work-life balance (such as no social life) is another stressor that negatively affects workers. Both work-life balance and work-family conflict stem from the leading stressors of long working hours, work timing and inadequate time off. When individuals don’t have this balance, they neglect some aspects of their lives. For example, one may not have any leisure or family time due to their work…show more content…
Rules can be set around the maximum amount of hours that one can work from home. For example, employees should only be allowed to work from home on two out of the five work days. This will prevent employees from taking advantage of work flexibility and ensure that employees come to office as well. With regards to becoming lazy, workers should be monitored to check that they are meeting their work deadlines. Also, instead of women receiving one year off out of every six years, they should receive their time off in intervals of two months per year. By doing this they will not lose practice of their

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