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Whether one is reading some form of text, or watching a commercial, the author or sponsor is conveying a message. Depending on whether the text or commercial is meant to inform, persuade, or simply entertain, there is always a purpose behind it. However, it’s up to the reader or viewer to comprehend what he or she is viewing. The act of determining the rhetorical strategies the author or sponsor is using to entertain, inform, or persuade a specific audience is called rhetorical analysis. Some rhetorical strategies include: logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos is referring to the logic or facts behind the persuasive method, ethos is referring to the credibility of the person or idea used to convey why the persuasive method should be believed, and …show more content…

In the call to write, it references how one should put his or her judgment aside, so that he or she can unbiasedly interpret the text or commercial. Also, it’s important to determine the genre, audience, purpose, and situation when one is comprehending what he or she is reading. For the first article, “The Media is Perpetuating a Dangerous Myth About Mental Illness” by Lindsay Holmes, the genre of the text is an informational article. The article was written for all people, but mostly for young adults and older adults that watch tv. This audience was chosen, because they’re in a better position to interpret the message and the effects of how mental illness is depicted in the media. The purpose of the article is to explain how media furthers the stigma on mental illness and its correlation to violence. The situation of the article is negating the research found that links mental health conditions to violence towards other people in over a third of all news stories (Holmes). Unfortunately, statistics prove that whenever mental illness makes an appearance in the media, it’s accompanied with acts of violence. According to the article “Changes in Mental Illness Stigma in California During the Statewide Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Initiative,” “more …show more content…

The visual design is of different outlets where one can get news. It contains newspapers, a phone open to news, and a tablet open to news. The purpose of the image is to inform the reader how one has access to news in several ways, which can determine one’s stance on an issue if its shown in a positive or negative light. The image is effective, because it reminds the reader that news isn’t just limited to a newspaper. News can be accessed in several ways, so it’s important to note what he or she is reading. The image would fall under the other category because it doesn’t incorporate emotion or reason for credibility. The visual design appears to be combined with some logos because the logic is supposed to be coming from an informative news

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