Everybody Needs A Thneed Analysis

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Everybody Needs a Thneed. Trees are What Everyone Needs. The Lorax video provides an important example of a market failure that resonates today. External effects indicate that the social cost of the environment and animals was greater than the private costs. Everyone in the story was negatively impacted by the outcome of massive consumption of a natural resource that was finite. Impacts included the removal of all Truffula trees and fruit, polluted water for Humming-Fish, Bar-ba-loots, the Swomee-Swans had to leave their homes due to lack of food and clean air, and there were lost jobs. The Once-Ler residents moved away from the smog-filled air that smelled slow and sour. The environment was no longer what it was prior to the Once-Ler.…show more content…
He used natural resources at his discretion to become big, bigger, and biggerer. His goal was focused on taking a material good and converting it to currency. The Lorax, that spoke for the trees, was the one who tried to provide a sensible argument to the negative impacts caused by the Once-Ler. He focused on how "progress progresses too fast," disputing that things might have been better if the Once-Ler had been reasonable with the Truffula forest and slowed production of the Thneeds. The Lorax shared that, "it takes 10 months for a trffula tree seed to germinate. It takes 10 long years before seed grows into a sapling." The Once-Ler could have taken the amount of time it takes for the trees to grow into consideration to determine a pragmatic approach to supplying the Thneed. Since the Once-Ler had a monopoly, lowering the supply could have driven the prices higher and produced similar sales expectations without as much detriment to the
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