Evolution Of Crime In Society

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A crime in brief is any act, which breaks the law or fails to obey some requirement of the law. A crime is considered to be any act committed or omitted, in violation of a public law, which either forbids or commands it. It can also be defined as a breach or violation of some public right or duty due to a whole community, considered as a community. In its social aggregate capacity, as distinguished from a civil injury. The ideology and jurisprudence however has changed over time meeting the needs and existing prominent customs and conditions of the prevalent crime in society. The jurisprudential evolution of crime however can be traced from its history:
Concept of crime: For as long as man has been a social animal dependent on others for satisfaction of his own personal needs and formed societies there has been the existence of crimes. There exists a wide array of reasons for the perpetuation of crime and types of crime and the reforms brought to them to meet the changing external conditions. Justice provides the only way to reserve the rights of all individuals and to maintain stability and peaceful cohabitation of the members of society. The reason for the existence of crime is a deviation from the socially accepted norm of behavior which is essential for the peaceful and unhindered progress of society. And for this this reason the state imposes law to maintain law and order and to make sure the presence of justice is present to all members of society. This ensures the

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