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Assessment of Disability Determination Processes in Sudan: Needs, Challenges, and Recommendations I. Disability Determination Processes at a Glance Although statutory definitions of ‘disability’ are objectively specific, the definition of a ‘disability determination process’ is not so precise, and requires close examination. In general, the disability determination process includes 1) the examination of medical records, 2) the allegations of the claimant, 3) medical opinion of treating doctor (s), as well as results of the process that determine whether the claimant is awarded or denied disability benefits. By default, disability determination would involve eligibility, entitlement by way of evaluation, as well as claims and appeals process.…show more content…
In general, disability determination processes have been mostly serving as a gatekeeper for medical and social programs benefiting persons with disabilities (serving as a verification mechanism of proper entitlement to particular benefits). Moreover, most processes have been traditionally based on the medical model. However, while disability determination policies tend to use medical and clinical modes of examination, in the last decades, there has been a major transformation of attitudes and conceptual paradigm towards disability. Disability policies gradually shifted from a medical and protective models towards social and inclusive ones that essentially focus on the rights, equal opportunities and full participation of people with…show more content…
The fund aimed at financing all activities undertaken in this field. The Act specifically stipulated that:"on the basis of a recommendation from the National Council for the Welfare and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, once this body has been established, disabled persons may benefit from fiscal exemption measures when purchasing equipment for their work, as well as exemption from income tax". In 1990, Sudan issued the Social Insurance Act, which replaced the 1974 Act. Amended in 2004, the Act provided for the applying the provisions of work injuries pension insurance to the insured persons, who as a result of work injury, sustain a disability of 15% or more, or die as a result of the injury (Sections 42, 44 and 45). Applicants for benefits from the National Social Security funds must be made considering the following eligibility requirements: "A person below sixty (60) years of age who has been working but in the course of doing so, he/she attains a permanent disability". The required documents are a birth certificate, an insurance certificate, an appointment letter/ a work contract and a medical certificate, which is largely based on the medical

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