Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

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Crucible Synthesis Essay

The idea of ¨witchcraft hysteria¨ is still around in today 's world, it goes back to the Puritans hanging people for practicing ¨witchcraft¨, McCarthyism, and racial gun violence across the United States. This can be seen through these events, that fear is the main cause of the world 's uncontrollable emotions. One, such as racial gun violence brings in a lot of heated contention due to it being considered one of the worldś most uncontrollable issues today. Therefore, that is why todayś ¨witchcraft hysteria¨ is very violent, due to the cause of racial gun violence across the United States.

In NBCś news source, it talks the recent killings in Charleston, South Carolina. One of them was a brutal massacre in a church of Charleston. The killer was a Caucasian man who went into the black church and shot 9 dead and left 1 injured (Mike Brunker), this leaving devastation all over Charleston. Moreover the murder was known to be as a ¨Hate Crime¨, ¨Hate crime and the toxic ideology spread by groups that traffic in the language of racial, sexual or religious superiority are again drawing attention in the wake of Wednesday 's deadly attack at a church in Charleston, South Carolina¨(Mike Brunker). This devastating event is similar to the witch trials in the book, The Crucible because Abigail Williams a citizen of Salem, committed a sort of ¨Hate Crime¨. Abigail did so by framing others of practicing ¨witchcraft¨, which she knew was illegal in the town of

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