Importance Of Formative Assessment

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This chapter will draw out summary of the results, highlight limitations of the study, and suggest recommendations.
5.1. Summary of the results:
The major results of this study were represented as follows:
In term of teachers’ beliefs of using formative assessment in the classroom, it can be apparent that English teachers have positive attitudes towards formative assessment. They believe that the basics of formative assessment such as feedback, sharing learning goals, questioning and self-peer assessment should be applied in their classrooms. Moreover, among 4 basic principles of formative assessment, teachers favored questioning most. In addition to this, all teachers are aware of the value of formative
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Teachers should get support in form of supervision. It can be seen from the research that teachers expressed their confusion regarding assessment in general and formative assessment in particular. Therefore, the school management needs to provide opportunities for their teachers to participate in a variety of professional development such as workshops, seminars and in-service programs. The programs should particularly focus on helping teachers have general knowledge of formative assessment by providing some technical terms related to formative assessment. In addition to this, these programs also help teachers realize the importance of using formative assessment as well as encourage them to develop skills required for using…show more content…
The participant teachers in this study are particular to their time and place and certainly do not represent all teachers in Vietnam. It is recommended that additional research should be conducted regarding the importance and implementation of formative assessment in Vietnamese context so that English teachers in general and high school English teachers in particular get more access to teaching resources, especially teaching and learning assessment. In addition to this, future studies can also explore the impacts of formative assessment practices on students’ learning as well as the connections between formative assessment and students’ learning. Besides future research can also explore the particular formative assessment tools that serve for specific language skills in language teaching. From that, teachers will have a better understanding of formative assessment, and make it easy for them to apply formative assessment in their
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