Examples Of Gender Inequality In South Africa

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Gender Inequality in South Africa Introduction According to Evans (2016:1) Gender Inequality “refers to those various social inequalities which are more often experienced by women than men.” However, the same applies in the South African working sector. The South African gender pay gap is estimated to be around 16%. The belief of equal pay for equal value remains vague in the country and across the world. Women remain to earn less than their opposite gender despite the enactment of legislation to promote gender equality. Women's skills are underestimated and undervalued, therefore directly affect their perceived worth and income. Bosch says that if the gap doesn’t close then a South African woman would never catch up with her male co-worker.…show more content…
Direct discrimination was mainly eradicated by the constitutional and employment legislation. It’s against the law to discriminate on grounds of one’s gender. However, there aren’t enough sanctions, checks, and resources in place to enforce these provisions. It could be argued that that is a form of indirect discrimination. And it starts from how women are valued in the society especially when it comes to jobs and which gender specifically dominates certain sectors e.g. lower levels of pay which mainly employ women, such as nurses and social workers. And these jobs are less paid jobs compared to jobs such as financial services or manufacturers. How can this be justified? The difficulty and the level of responsibility of the jobs are not a factor for this discrimination. This then contributes to the fact that many women are reconsidering the choice of sector that they are currently working in. However, even when men and women are in the same sector with the same kind of work, women are still undervalued. Women still get paid less and there is no objective reason for it. A good example would be the difference between a (female) receptionist and a (male) doorkeeper. If women do the same amount of work as men, then they should receive the same amount of pay. The job should have a value and not the person doing…show more content…
This could be linked to more internal innovation as a result. Healy (2014:34) states “International research examining gender diverse teams best promote an environment where innovation can flourish than those which are skewed towards a particular gender.” Even research proves that increasing the number of women workers in the workplace could result in better productivity and it is fundamentally a very good way for cohesion between co-workers to take place. How can women get better jobs? The answer is not that simple but education plays a very important role. In previous generations access to education for women was limited. Evans (2016:6) makes a very valid point when she states “the most favoured means of ensuring greater gender equality has always been education. To refuse education for girls now is regarded as the most absurd and outrageous infringement of individual

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