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Although women have significantly increased their skills and participation in the workforce, the average full-time working woman still earns 20 percent less of what a full-time working man gets paid (Bidwell, Allie. ). The gender pay gap still exists because historically men have had more education and experience in the workforce than women, although this is changing. If the gender pay gap keeps narrowing, at the rate it has been going, it will not fully close until the year of 2059 (need to reference source). In today’s world, women are paid less than men for equal work which is wrong because it teaches men they are superior to women.
The gender pay gap has not been shut down in a single country, in the entire world, since 2006 (Arnett, George. ). Women are working incredibly hard to earn their place in the workforce and to be treated equal, but there is much more that needs to happen. According to the site ("Women in Business."), “Women are almost half of the workforce. They are the equal, if not the main, breadwinner in four out of ten families. They receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Yet, on average, women continue to earn considerably less than men. …show more content…

It has been argued that when it comes to jobs that require physical strength, men may have the advantage, however, if a woman can compete at the same level they should be paid the same as a man. During a scientific study, researchers found that women actually work longer and harder sessions at a time, but still get paid less due to their gender, only because of their gender ("Superiority of Female Workers Confirmed: Study Finds Women Really Do Work Longer And Harder Than Men."). This enraging topic frustrates me because despite all the hard work woman contribute to workforce and data that supports women make less than men, the discrimination continues in

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