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Rikki-tikki-tavi Argumentative Essay A theme is a moral or lesson, usually about life, that runs throughout the whole book. You can analyze the theme by paying attention to the characters action and dialogue. Rudyard Kipling wrote this spectacular story,”Rikki-tikki-tavi,” and what he wanted to depict to his audience is that bravery and courage are critical in life. This story is full of examples on how the characters were brave and courageous. This story’s plot helped me descried what the author showed through his text. It is obvious that the author showed his audience that bravery and courage is needed throughout life. I will postulate that other people might think that the theme to this story could be, if you help others, you will receive help in return. Like I expressed in the first paragraph, bravery and courage are needed in life. An example of Rikki being brave and courageous is when he fought the two sinister beasts in the story, Nag and Nagaina, in this work of text. He knew both were very fatal, but that didn’t stop Rikki. He stood up to Nag because Nag ate one of Darzee’s fledglings. Rikki was as brave as a soldier going into a war. Another example of bravery was when Rikki clashed with Karait, who he didn’t know was more fatal than Nag and Nagaina, because he was smaller than him. He …show more content…

Therefore, another option for this story could be that if you help others, you will receive help in return. A few examples of this are when Rikki killed all of the snakes for the family, Rikki’s family took care of him. Rikki stood up to Nag and Nagaina for Darzee and his wife, so Darzee’s wife helped him with his plan to get revenge and kill Nagaina’s children. Chuchundra helped detect the snakes’ plan and told him what the snakes were doing. Chuchundra didn’t have to fear the snakes because Rikki terminated them for many reasons. These are some examples for another theme that could be in the

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