Exceptional Scholars Challenges

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As a teacher, working with exceptional scholars is a challenge in itself: we do not always understand their way of thinking, why they think that way, or even why they do what they do. While some exceptional scholars are affected less, others have more severe disorders and/or disabilities that greatly contribute to the classroom environment and the basis for instruction. One challenge that I might face as a teacher when working with exceptional scholars is a lack of parental support; therefore it is crucial that as the teacher, I am able to keep in frequent contact with my parents, specifically when concerned about an exceptional scholar. It’s pivotal that from the beginning of the school year, communication begins on a daily basis. This…show more content…
While these meetings are mandated to ensure that a scholar is receiving all the services he or she needs, they are timely and add on an extra workload. Therefore, if set in an inclusion classroom, the co-teachers must balance their time wisely, as well as lend a hand to one another when planning for the meeting. Because both teachers must be present in the meeting, it is crucial that any pre-work be done in advance in order to leave time for planning for instruction, as well as the IEP meeting. Validating the scholar’s work (in class assignments, both formal and informal assessments,) is pivotal, as they must mirror what the IEP states in order to try, get, and provide the scholar with extra services (if needed,) and/or ensure that what the IEP says is being reinstated within the classroom. Following and abiding by the scholars IEP is a legal matter; therefore, it should always be taken into consideration. The teacher is also held accountable for saving work and documenting a scholar’s progress to meet the goals of the…show more content…
Through these challenges, however, teachers should be prepared to move forward in ensuring they meet the demands and needs of exceptional scholars, and track their progress daily. Each and every scholar should have the opportunity to succeed in both school, and in their daily lives. As teachers, we are not only preparing our scholars to meet their goals, but to exceed every expectation they face in the every day world. According to the reading, Exceptional Scholars, as well as stated in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, [education should be]… “Specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a

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