Exercise 9-1 Critical Thinking Questions And Answers

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EXERCISE 9-1: ASKING QUESTIONS Question 1 1) How are you adapting to the changed circumstances? 2) What is your supportive force? 3) What are you doing to reinvent and reconstitute your life? 4) What are your children reactions concerning the divorce 5) what is the next step you desire to accomplish regarding the divorce? 6) What lessons have you learnt from this experience? 7) What is the court decision regarding legal custody of the children 8) how do you plan on becoming knowledgeable about providing support for your children? 9) What are your financial plans? 10) What your proposal about property division? The question posed on Mr. K is an open-ended question, I chose to use the open-ended style of questioning because I want the client to be encouraged in expressing himself without feeling judge. More so, the respond Mr. K might give will be emotional connected to his feelings …show more content…

- What, specifically, do you mean when you say “I’m not sure I can go on?” The rational for the words used might give the client an opportunity to elaborate more on his feelings about the situation, and the statement made by the client needs more clarification, in order for the social worker to figure out the intervention plan for the clients, because the clients sounds like one who may suddenly end his life due to the situation. Mr. K reaction to the question could be one who feels he was the cause of the problem that why his ex-wife filed for divorce and since the finalization of the divorce he has been emotionally down not wanting to continue living, because his ex-wife was the one he planned on spending his lifetime with and living without her makes him want to dead. Question 4 When you talk about white men controlling the whole country it sounds like there have been some other problems. What sort of difficulties have you encounter with them

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